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Spooky Dinner

( We at the Smith Stalker humbly appologize for the title of this post, but not enough to change it.  Carry on)

Go to Hubbard tonight for Mac and Cheese and Chicken Wings for dinner!  You’ll need the energy for all the partying and such tonight.  Check out the seasonal decorations and be sure to compliment the dining staff on their costumes!




  • Because it’s totally necessary.  Stop by the house of Carol T. Christ if you can’t get anywhere else!  Last year she had clementines and big candy bars, plus her dog was there.  You know where she lives.


  • Go to Diva’s annual Halloween bash!  Wear a costume and get the chance to win $500, plus Bacardi will be passing out free samples (of what?!  they don’t specify!). $15 for those who are 18+ and only $10 for those 21+.
  • Ready for a wild night?  Get set for Immorality at Talbot!  Make sure to get there half and hour early… those lines get crazy.


  • Last night for Mrs. California!  More info here.


I think Cutter-Ziskind  gets the honors of being top meal tonight, but I’m really not feeling any of these foods since pretty much everywhere else has turkey burgers. Anyway, Cutter-Z has, among other things, chicken with wild rice, vegan cutlets with various sauces, potato puffs, Normandy vegetables, and chocolate eclair bars.

More procrastination devices.

To make up for the late post, and beceause I think everyone needs to experience this site, here is a wonderfully incredibly engrossing tool for procrastination. It’s great. So great that you should not even consider clicking on it unless you’re truly done for the week.

Basically the site (or at least this part of it) is just hundreds of absurdly amazing lists. It may take a little while to find one you’ll love, but just wait, they’ll get you in the end. Anyway, click here.

First, I apologize for failing you; I am 8 minutes late in posting. My only excuse is that I’m too addicted to procrastination. To make up for my lateness, I will post fun/silly/cute videos/links soon. Forgive us!


Want to get into the Halloween spirit? If you don’t have a ticket to Hampshire Halloween or you just want to kick back and relax after a crazy week, go to CC 103/104 from 9-11 pm to paint some pumpkins and get some free candy.

Van Certification

I know the last thing you want to do on a Friday afternoon (especially the Friday before Halloween) is go to a defensive driving session, but if you’ve already gone to the initial van certification session, you might as well go. It’s only one hour, so it’s like a band-aid, just go and the pain will be over before you know it. It’s from 3-4 pm in Stoddard Auditorium and is the last one this semester. Be sure to get there on time, if you do go.


If you’re looking to have some political fun at a party (Democrat, Republican, or otherwise affiliated are welcome), go to the Smith Dems Halloween Party, themed “Sarah Palin’s Thanksgiving Dinner.” It’s from 7-9 pm in Davis Ballroom and is free. Wear your costume!

Design Panel

Learn about design and design-based careers at this alumnae panel and networking reception to follow. The panelists specialize in architecture, landscape design, interiors, graphic/interactive design, product design, and industrial design. At noon in Hillyer 106, the panelists will present their portfolios (with pizza provided) and the panel will be at 4 pm in Graham Hall.


You need something filling after a rainy day like today.  Check out Chapin or Morrow Wilson for chili tonight, both con carne and black bean, along with baked potatoes with toppings that range from bacon to jalapenos!  How could that be anything but delicious?

Thursday Events


  • Listen to guest speaker Bekah Wolf during her lecture, “Beyond the Rhetoric: The Truth about the Israeli Occupation“.  Find it in Neilson Browsing from 7:00-8:30pm.  Learn more at the facebook events page.


  • Watch the acoustic duo Cahill at 10:00 in the Campus Center Red Room!  Check out their myspace page here.
  • Get off campus for a few hours and listen to The Bad Plus at Iron Horse Music Hall from 7:00-9:00 pm.  Buy tickets here for $24!


  • Miss dollar night?  There’s another showing of Mrs. California on Thursday at 8:00!  More information here.


  • SmiTHRIFT presents CAGE FRENZY (all caps = totally necessary).  Bring $3 to the basement of JMG anytime between 7:00-9:00pm and you’ll have five minutes to take as much as you possibly can.  Go for the fight or the clothes!  Bring your own clothes!

When it comes to presentations of majors and minors, today’s a doozy!  Be tempted by academics and free food.  Here’s the list:

  • Film Studies: 11:30-1:15 pm, Seelye 207
  • Art (includes Art History, Studio Art, & Architecture): 12-1 pm, Hillyer Jannotta Gallery — food will be provided
  • Computer Science: 12-1 pm, McConnell 103
  • Neuroscience: 12 – 1 pm, McConnell B15
  • English: 4-5:15 pm, CC 205
  • Economics: 4-6 pm, Seelye 207 — refreshments will be offered
  • Music: 5-7 pm, Sage Hall Green Room


I’m pretty sure Comstock/Wilder has an unfair advantage over the best dinner thing because they win, again! But then again, it’s really hard to beat spring rolls, barbeque spare ribs, and lo mein.

Dollar Night

Student tickets for the theatre department show are $1 for the day. Come in your 1950’s style costumes to win a prize. The show starts at 8 pm in Theatre 14 in the Mendenhall Center, but it’s general admission, so get there early to get a good seat. Mrs. California will be shown until Oct. 31.

Major/Minor Presentations

  • Medieval Studies: 12-1 pm, Dewey Common Room
  • Sociology: 12-1 pm, Seelye 207
  • Chemistry: 12:15-1 pm, McConnell 103
  • Anthropology: 4:30-6 pm, Seelye 207
  • For more information, click here.

Defensive Driving

You went to the van certification session, so now you might as well do the defensive driving portion as well since it’s only one more hour out of your life. Go to Stoddard Auditorium from 4-5 pm for the session and you’re free! For more information, click here.


How should Smith define diversity? Go to this Campus Climate Open Forum to give your opinion in CC 103/104 at noon. Bring a lunch.