We don’t actually know.  But like everyone else on the campus, we’ve been guessing.   After scrutinizing the ten-day forecast on weather.com, here are our predictions for mountain day:

Partially sunny, high of 64
Anyone else not doing their homework tonight in the hopes that tomorrow is MOUNTAIN DAY?!  Yeah, us too.  So far the weather looks like it’ll be decent; warm, if not pretty and sunny.

Mostly sunny, high of 67
So far, Tuesday has the best (predicted) weather.  However, there’s the Otelia factor: Otelia Cromwell Day is on a Tuesday this year, meaning that a Tuesday Mountain Day would take class time away from those already short-shrifted Tues/Thurs courses (Not that we’d complain).  Word on the street is that Carol cares about this.  We don’t know if this is actually true, though.

Showers, high of 64
Mountain Day better not be Wednesday.  Just look at that weather.  Damn.

Mostly sunny, high of 64
Again, nice weather, but that whole Otelia thing.

Few showers, high of 60
It would be weird to have Mountain Day right before a three day weekend, plus the weather looks like it’s going to suck.


Right now, we’re guessing that Friday is the least likely day for Mountain Day and Monday is the most likely day.  However, we’re totally biased, because the bulk of our classes are Mon/Wed.  Please, Carol?  Help us out here?

Anywho, what day do you think Mountain Day will be?


  1. Joanna

    Monday! Monday will be mountain day!

  2. Anissa

    Monday. I thought it was going to be last Friday though.

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