Monday’s Dinner Countdown

You’re hungry, it’s 5:30. Where do you go? Every day we’re going to post what we think are the best three dinners on campus. Today is the best day to start because the dinners all look delicious! We’re already divided on where we’re going to eat tonight– it will be a fight to the death!  Look forward to a one person blog soon.

Anyway, drumroll, please!  Here are (by our count) the best three dinners tonight

3. Tyler.

Simple, but good. Can’t go wrong with Italian plus chocolate cake with actual frosting!

2. Portuguese Night at Chapin and Morrow/Wilson.

If only because Portuguese bread is to die for. Also, while it is not Portuguese, apple crisp is really delish.

1. Indian food night at Comstock/Wilder

Seriously, how could this not dominate? Tandoori Chicken and Cardamon ice cream are the best ways to drown the memory of Monday.  Get there really early… it’s going to be crowded!

Of course we’re totally biased (one of us is Portuguese and both of us are fully devoted to Indian food) but that doesn’t mean these meals look any less delicious.  Happy eating!


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