Looking for something exciting to do on Tuesday?  Here’s what we’ve found.  Even if you have too much work, you can procrastinate with any (or all) of these events going on tomorrow:


  • There’s a physics lecture going on called “Black Holes in Higher Dimensions” by Dr. David Kastor from the Physics Department from our neighbor, UMass.  It’s going to be in McConnell 103.  They didn’t post the time. We’re pretty sure we wouldn’t understand it, but at least it sounds cool!
  • Professor Aileen Ribeiro, visiting from Courtauld Institute in London this semester, will be giving a lecture at 5 pm in Graham Hall (Hillyer) titled “Naked and Profane: Women, Dress and Morality”.  This, too, sounds like it will pretty cool, but at least this time we’ll understand what’s going on!


  • There’s a free concert in Sweeney Concert Hall (Sage Hall ) from 12:30-1pm by the Avanti Wind Quintet.  They’ll be playing works written by people connected to Smith as part of a year-long series.

Film and Discussion:

  • All you environmentalists, take note!  This isn’t on campus, but it seems really cool.  At 7:00 pm at the Academy of Music, PBS journalist David Brancaccio will be talking about On Thin Ice, a movie about glaciers and global warming.  Discussion follows the film.


  • WANT FREE LUNCH (and information about living after Smith)?!  There’s a seminar in Neilson Browsing room from 12:00-1pm about making your savings grow.  First 50 people get a free lunch.

ALSO, there will be a test of the emergency notification system sometime on Tuesday.  Heads up!

(Check out our about page for information about our sources, as well as our disclaimer.  Email us at smithstalker@gmail.com with comments and ideas)


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