Yes, it’s finally time…


Yes, Virginia, there is a mountain day.  You didn’t hallucinate those bells.  Toss your books back on your shelf, stop working on that paper and get ready for some stress-free fun!  Here’s everything you need to know on our favorite day of the year:

  1. Weather (from
    With a high of 63, it’ll be partially sunny!  That’s probably good as it gets this late in the year, but we don’t care because it’s MOUNTAIN DAY
  2. Food
    To learn what’s open when, just check out the best Smith site,
  3. Deals around town
    This year, Thorns is offering a lot of discounts for Smithies on Mountain Day!  Check out the smith website for more information: … Our favorite is the $1 off your order at Herrell’s… remember to bring your ID!

Check out the Smith website or call their info line (extension x4636 ) after Mountain Day is announced for more info.

Remember: Evening events (those after 7pm) are still being held!  Sorry, you still have to go to that movie screening for your German class, but at least you can sleep all day to prepare for it.

Also, Health Services will be open as normal today.  So if you fall down the mountain, you still can get help!

We’d write more, but we want to enjoy life a little bit right now. Happy Mountain Day!!

PS We guessed right last night!  Not that we had a lot of days to work with, but still.  Break out the champange!


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