Food, glorious food!

It’s 1pm on a weekday, you’ve eaten your lunch, and you know what that means- it’s time to start thinking about dinner!  Smithies seem to talk more about their food than all other college students.  If anything, that’s a testament to how good the food usually is.  We’re not too excited about tonight, however.  Most of the dining halls seem to be serving baked potato soup and beef tips, which is kinda ho-hum.  Here’s where to go if you’re looking for something else:

3. Cutter-Ziskind (Kosher)

Roast beef with mushroom sauce and raspberry squares.  Mm.  Simple, but sounds really good.

2. Hubbard

Miss the Indian food at Comstock/Wilder last night?  Get your tandoori chicken and jasmine rice at Hubbard tonight.  The American touch of blueberry crisp makes the meal even better.

1. Noodle Bowl at Comstock/Wilder

Doesn’t it feel like we had noodle bowl just last week?  Not that we’re complaining.  The clear winner for dinner tonight, like yesterday, is Comstock/Wilder.  What can beat delicious, light noodles that come with so many different toppings and sauces?  It makes the long wait totally worth it.  Just be careful about the green sauce- it burns!


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