Wednesday Events

It’s Wednesday day and you’re wondering what you can do to get over those hump day blues. We (hopefully) have the answer for you.

After Smith:

For all you math people interested in either higher education, go to this! Thomas Kerler from the math department at Ohio State University will talk about getting into grad school in math in general and specifically at Ohio State. So be in Burton 304 from 4:00-5:00pm or be square!


Interested in LGBTQ issues? Go to Out At Work: GLBTQ Issues in the Workplace and hear alums’ experiences with LGBTQ issues in the workplace. Discussion will include when/how/if to come out, benefits, and employment rights of the GLBTQ communities. Go to CC 205 from 7:00-8:30pm to learn more.

Hot Seat:

Confused about health care? Come to this Hot Seat, “Health Care: Right or Privilege” and submit your questions to the panel. Hear from panelists Rick Millington (American Studies & English), Jennifer Walters (Dean of Religious Life), and Sarah Woodbury (’10).  Bring your lunch to CC 103 at 12:15 pm and watch the debate rage!


The Smith Republicans with the UMass Republicans host Meghan McCain. She will be giving a speech at 6:30pm in Boker Auditorium at UMass. We recommend this for Democrats and Republicans alike as an eye-opening experience and she’s famous and famous people are awesome!


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