New Pages! Check ’em out!

Hey Smith Stalker readers! We have (hopefully) everything you need, and now even more. We’re continuing to update and add more information each week to make this the best site for you.

We all have to major in something eventually. Have no idea? Or are you one of the people who’s known what she wants to do from age 5? Either way, you should go to Presentations of the Majors and Minors. For your convenience, we’ve created a page which you can access here. To make it even easier for you, each day the presentations occur, we’ll put information in our daily events post as well.

You’re here, and chances are, you don’t have a car. There are tons of places you want to travel with your club or house, but the PVTA just won’t take you there. In cases like these, it’s time for someone to get van certified. It’s fairly painless and only about 2 (separate) hours out of your life and your house/club mates will love you forever for it. For more information, click here. Each day the certification sessions occur, we’ll post them in our daily events page.

We’ve also just added a link to Forbes Library. Go there: get music, take out a movie, read a book for fun. Anything, just don’t stress.

If you think we’re missing anything or there’s just a link you just have to have, email us at and we’ll create a page or link for you.


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