Phys Plant: Recycling & Service Requests

In order to help you go green, we have posted a glorious link about recycling at Smith. You can find it under Quick Links as “Smith Recycling” or here. It includes information for Earth Reps, and where, what, and how to recycle.

To save you from flickering lights and ripped screens, we are also including a link to work orders. Remember work orders? The yellow sheets that used to live on your HR’s door… Well, in an effort to go green and centralize the paperwork, Smith has made all work orders be submitted online. You can find the link under Quick Links as “Service Requests/Work Orders” or here.

But Phys Plant is generally filled with all sorts of useful information, so we’re posting a link for that too, here and under Quick Links as “Physical Plant.”


  1. t

    useful information more people should pay attention to:

    if you take old lightbulbs down to facilities management (126 west st), you can have them switched for energy-efficient ones for no charge. todd holland (tholland at smith) is the contact guy for that – email him beforehand and tell him the number of lightbulbs you need so they can have them ready for you when you get there. cool, right? 🙂

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