Fall Break

In case you didn’t get the memo, it’s officially FALL BREAK and as everyone knows, fall break is a time for lolligagging and sleeping. In honor of this time honored tradition, The Smith Stalker will not be doing it’s daily meals and events posts till we get back (plus, we all know, there’s not much going on anyway). If procrastination does not steal us away, we will still be working on the blog so email us with any suggestions (and if you want us to publicize your event happening this weekend) at smithstalker@gmail.com.

Everyone, have a wonderful break and please–for us–do these few things.

5. Go outdoors. Do everything you wanted to do on Mountain Day but couldn’t. If you did everything you wanted, find some leaves, make a pile and jump in them until you can’t get up any more. Be careful of sticks and the rapidly approaching ground.

4. Talk to friends from back home. Whether you’re staying on campus, going home, or visiting exotic places, fall break is a great time to play catch-up with high school friends. They miss you, you miss them, talk and all will be better.

3. Try a new restaurant. Especially if you’re staying at Smith and you don’t feel like making the trek to Elm Street for every meal. You may think that most restaurants are farther away than the open dining halls (and you’d be right), but the especially delicious food will counterbalance the added walk. My current recommendation is Local Burger: it’s good, fairly cheap, and has vegan and vegetarian options.

2. Figure out J-term plans. I know, I know, January seems eons away. But in reality and the far, far away land of normalcy, it’s actually pretty soon. Do you want to stay on campus or be home? Or galavant across Europe with only a backpack full of clothes and a passport?

1. Sleep. This is not an option. Once you think you’ve slept enough, go back to bed and sleep some more. You’ll need it later in the semester.


  1. I also have to recommend Viva Fresh Pasta and Thai Garden for anyone who’s never been there. Although I am a Smith alum (tear!), I think of them very fondly.

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