Friday Dinner

The day after Candlelit Dinner (aka “Eat-like-a-creeper day”) and the day before fall break: do not expect much! We at the Smith Stalker are deeply saddened by this. 😦 So sad we even had to use a sad face.

The only open dining halls are Chase/Duckett, Cutter/Ziskind (only the regular line unless you reserved Kosher in advance), King/Scales, Northrop/Gillett, and Tyler. Click here for the list of dining halls open for each meal and dining hours.

Since most of the dining halls are closed, we are only posting two top meals today.

2. Chase/Duckett.

It’s hard to go wrong with pasta and bread. There’s even a vegan option. With ice cream for dessert, this meal will fill you up, but we can’t guarantee that your taste buds will be joygasming.

1. Tyler

Yes, Smith does chili (vegetarian and beef options) fairly often, but they do it pretty well. There’s also fried potatoes (french fries maybe?), veggies, and ice cream. If you’re craving the really spicy, go here and add some Tabasco sauce to the chili.


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