Daily Dining

Yesterday I totally forgot about my daily dining post.  I’d like to humbly ask forgiveness from my other smithstalker and from anyone who depends on this blog to choose their dinner every night, however small a number that may be.  I was busy not doing my homework.  Now, tally ho!

3. Comstock/Wilder

If only because Chicken Noodle Soup is perfect for a rainy day… Mac and Cheese seals the deal to make this a totally comforting meal.

2. Northrup/Gillette

They have two different pasta/sauce combinations here, plus one tofu/sauce mix, which I can totally get behind.  The best one is Spaghetti with Puttanesca Sauce, which is wonderful and spicy and tangy.  Dessert is chocolate cake, which is impossible to ruin.  This meal sounds awesome for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike!

1. Lamont + Cushing/Emerson

While I’ve never had creole soup, this whole dinner sounds delicious.  They have two kinds of pasta, a vegetarian mix of tortellini and all kinds of veggies and a totally non-vegetarian dish of bow-ties, shrimp, chicken strips and spicy alfredo sauce.  Chicken and shrimp is kind of a weird combination but I think it sounds good here.  Basically, the carbs and soup seen at other houses are both here for a perfect rainy day meal.  It’s probably a good thing that almond cookies are for dessert… you won’t have room for much else!


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