So, tonight I have no idea where to go for dinner because the choices all sound pretty good. I do know though that Northrop/Gillett is serving mango crisp which is always delicious, so even if you don’t want to eat there, stop by for some dessert.

3. Hubbard

Fajitas, tortilla chips, beans, rice, and corn. Yum. Go somewhere else for dessert though, unless you really love frozen yogurt. (This would have been tied with Cushing/Emerson, but I like fajitas better than quesadillas).

2. Cutter/Ziskind

Cutter-Z will have marinated short ribs, vegetarian Mexican lasagna, mashed potatoes, and cottage dill bread. It all sounds quite scrumptious, especially when you add in the buttercrunch ice cream and hot fudge for dessert.

1. Chapin, Chase/Duckett, Morrow/Wilson

Panini Night. Tonight these three dining halls will be serving delicious tortellini soup with 3 choices of panini: eggplant parmesan, ham & provolone, and buffalo mozzarella with tomato and basil. Also, there will be vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce. Get there early, because I think these places will be packed.


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