Events for Hump Day

Dollar Night

Student tickets for the theatre department show are $1 for the day. Come in your 1950’s style costumes to win a prize. The show starts at 8 pm in Theatre 14 in the Mendenhall Center, but it’s general admission, so get there early to get a good seat. Mrs. California will be shown until Oct. 31.

Major/Minor Presentations

  • Medieval Studies: 12-1 pm, Dewey Common Room
  • Sociology: 12-1 pm, Seelye 207
  • Chemistry: 12:15-1 pm, McConnell 103
  • Anthropology: 4:30-6 pm, Seelye 207
  • For more information, click here.

Defensive Driving

You went to the van certification session, so now you might as well do the defensive driving portion as well since it’s only one more hour out of your life. Go to Stoddard Auditorium from 4-5 pm for the session and you’re free! For more information, click here.


How should Smith define diversity? Go to this Campus Climate Open Forum to give your opinion in CC 103/104 at noon. Bring a lunch.


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