milk and cookies review!

Ever since we heard about it, we’ve wanted to try milk&cookies, the new Smithie-run cookie delivery service on campus.  Finally, tonight was the night!  Mugs ready, we tried each of the cookies she sells so we can share our newfound knowledge with you.  Here’s what we thought:

Chocolate Chip

This cookie was kind of thin and very sweet.  It was definitely the ‘crunchiest’ of the bunch.

Chocolate and Espresso

As one friend noted, “kinda mocha-y, without too much espresso”.  Still, it packs a punch- you can feel the caffeine in your mouth!  At least, we thought we could. One of our friends said it tasted ‘grainy’, but it’s probably an inevitable result of the ground coffee.  Very, very tasty!  It could definitely keep you going another hour when you’re writing a paper.

The All-Nighter

This cookie was our favorite of the bunch.  A little bit of oatmeal, a little bit of peanut butter and just enough chocolate.  It wasn’t too sweet or intense, just really tasty!  We made yummy noises the entire time we were eating it.  We’d suggest this one if you are trying milk&cookies for the first time!

Also, everyone who drank the milk she brought said it was really good milk, even one of our friends who just doesn’t like milk in the first place!

Overall, we think that milk&cookies is one of the best things on campus right now.  The process was so easy- call, give money, get cookies and milk!  She was a little late but the cookies were still warm and gooey, so we don’t care.  The price was low, too, less than $10 for six cookies with three milks AND delivery.  We’re definitely going to order again sometime soon!

Next time you’re up late studying on a Monday or a Wednesday, make sure you give her a call!  Ordering information here.

Left to right, top to bottom: All nighter, Chocolate and espresso, and chocolate chip


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