Friday Events

First, I apologize for failing you; I am 8 minutes late in posting. My only excuse is that I’m too addicted to procrastination. To make up for my lateness, I will post fun/silly/cute videos/links soon. Forgive us!


Want to get into the Halloween spirit? If you don’t have a ticket to Hampshire Halloween or you just want to kick back and relax after a crazy week, go to CC 103/104 from 9-11 pm to paint some pumpkins and get some free candy.

Van Certification

I know the last thing you want to do on a Friday afternoon (especially the Friday before Halloween) is go to a defensive driving session, but if you’ve already gone to the initial van certification session, you might as well go. It’s only one hour, so it’s like a band-aid, just go and the pain will be over before you know it. It’s from 3-4 pm in Stoddard Auditorium and is the last one this semester. Be sure to get there on time, if you do go.


If you’re looking to have some political fun at a party (Democrat, Republican, or otherwise affiliated are welcome), go to the Smith Dems Halloween Party, themed “Sarah Palin’s Thanksgiving Dinner.” It’s from 7-9 pm in Davis Ballroom and is free. Wear your costume!

Design Panel

Learn about design and design-based careers at this alumnae panel and networking reception to follow. The panelists specialize in architecture, landscape design, interiors, graphic/interactive design, product design, and industrial design. At noon in Hillyer 106, the panelists will present their portfolios (with pizza provided) and the panel will be at 4 pm in Graham Hall.


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