November the First

First of all, I am deeply apologetic for forgetting to post last night. I got caught up in Halloweening — the trick-or-treating or Rocky Horror and completely forgot to post! Sorry! Also, Carol Christ was not at her house last night to receive trick-or-treaters and I was very disappointed; I had been looking forward to that.

Secondly, it’s November. When did that happen (besides 1 am last night)? Scary, scary thought.

Thirdly, last night at 2 am was Fall Back due to Daylight Savings Time, so I hope every set their clocks one hour back and got some extra, very needed sleep.

That’s pretty much it for announcements, now on to events! But really, there is only one actual event on campus today. One. I know it’s SUnday, but we need more college-recommended ways to procrastinate.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Are you a person who likes Harry Potter or simply needs to get out of Neilson for a few hours? Go to this showing of HP & the Half Blood Prince. I mean it — it’s all that’s happening today (as far as I could tell after checking 5 different college calendars*). If you want to actively procrastinate (instead of just sitting at your computer watching youtube videos or something), go to Weinstein Auditorium in Wright Hall at 1:30 pm. It’s free.

*If you know of any other events for today or any other day, please email us at


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