Election Day Events

This election is not quite as big a deal as the one last year, but you should still vote if you can! Exercise your right! And if you don’t vote (and you are legally able to), you can’t complain.

In terms of Smith College events, there is very little going on. If you happen to have secretive knowledge of amazing, hidden events that you want people to go to, email us at smithstalker@gmail.com.


Are your parents overly excited about this flu (seasonal or piggy)? Go to Health Services and get the Seasonal Flu Vaccine from 10-12 pm and calm their nerves. Shots are $20, and is only for seasonal flu. The H1N1 vaccine won’t be arriving till later (though the GO! calendar still says those shots should have been here in October). Anyway, protect yourself, protect your house/classmates, and appease your parents.

Major/Minor Presentations

Still undecided about your major or want to learn more about the courses or faculty? Or do you simply want to mooch? Either way, there are three major presentations you could/should go to.

  • Classics: 12-1 pm, CC 102, light lunch provided
  • Math: 12-1 pm, Math Forum, Burton 3rd floor, lunch provided
  • German: 6 pm, Hatfield 204, pizza served


Want to see twins read poetry? (Smith is oddly obsessed with their twin status). Poets Michael and Matthew Dickman will be having a poetry reading and book sale and signing in Stoddard Auditorium at 7:30 pm. For more information, click here.


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