No, It’s not Thanksgiving yet (or Friday)

but it is CELEBRATION!


Celebration is a Smith tradition that celebrates all kinds of love. There will be performances by all of the quad houses and tables from student orgs. We didn’t go last year, but I wouldn’t miss it for the world this year (which means everyone should go!). Also, dress warm from head to toe, bring extra layers and bring umbrellas, just in case. I hope to see everyone on the Wilson Steps at 7:30 pm to celebrate love beyond gender boundaries. There are also shirts on sale at the Campus Center, $10 for short sleeve and $15 for long sleeve.

Major/Minor Presentations

This may be the last day of presentations of the majors, but don’t quote me on that; Smith is sneaky.

  • Study of Women & Gender: 12 pm, Seelye 207 (lunch)
  • Third World Development Studies (Program): 12 -1 pm, Seelye 1o1 (pizza and drinks)
  • Theatre: 4 pm, Green Room, Mendenhall Performing Arts Center (snacks provided)
  • East Asian Studies: 4:15-6 pm, Seelye 207 (really good refreshments will be served)


Smith will be presenting a panel entitled “Idealism & Compromise in Politics and Life” which includes current and former members of the Obama administration (and two Smith graduates) as part of the Women’s Narratives Project. The panel will start at 4:15 pm in the CC Carroll Room and there will be a reception at 5:30 with tasty snacks. For more information, click here.


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