Bon Appetit!

As all y’all know, it’s Julia Child Day tomorrow, where we all get fed really well… what more could you want?  (Well, less stress, more sleep, but whatever).  Here’s what you should do to keep busy this Thursday!


  • As you’ve probably heard, tomorrow is the French/Italian Culinary Smackdown4:15 pm, Campus Center Carroll Room.  Be there or be square, or at least hungry because you’ll have missed the delicious Julia Child post-debate reception.


  • If you’ve seen the big banner above its entrance, you’ll know Neilson is turning 100.  Tomorrow archivists Nanci Young and Leslie Fields will be talking about their exhibit they put together to celebrate the event, “The Heart of Our Place of Learning: William Allan Neilson Library 1909-2009”. Just head on down to the Book Arts Gallery on Level 3 of Neilson Library at 4:30 pm. Reception follows, meaning you’ll find food.


  • In Seeyle 201 at 4:30 pm, visiting professor Chris Holmlund will speak about the iconic Western figure of Sylvester Stallone as seen through the lens of class and gender.  Neat!
  • In the Neilson Browsing Room at 4:30 pm (why is everything at 4:30 tomorrow?), you’ll find visiting professor Meredeth Turshen speaking about the intersection of women and land in Africa, particularly in the context of the AIDS epidemic.


  • Take the chance to ask panelists Dean Maureen Mahoney, Patrick Connelly and Rachel Hanlon (’10) questions about “ethical and moral dilemmas in Sex, Dating and Friendship”.  The theme of this particular hot seat is “The Rights and Wrongs of Relationships”.  Can they handle it!?  Probably, or they wouldn’t be doing it in the first place.   Campus Center 103, noon.


  • I’m not a big poetry person myself but a lady friend of mine told me I had to include this and, well, I aim to please.  Writer Marilyn Chin will be reading her poetry from her published works tomorrow at 4:30 pm in Graham Hall, followed by a book signing and reception (coughfoodcough)


  • The play: American Medea.  The place: Earle Recital Hall.  The time:  7:30 pm.  I got three hours of sleep last night, people; you aren’t getting much more from me.

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