About to graduate? First-year? Wondering which of those oh-so-important things to do before you finish your four years? Here are some of our suggestions.

1. Have a conversation with Bruce Sajdak. He’s amazing, brilliant, and you’ll want to be him. Guaranteed.

2. Take a class off campus. You may not like it, but you’ll get to see how normal college students/Hampshire students live and learn.

3. Eat at every dining hall in one meal/one day.

4. Julia Child Day. Enjoy the food, go to Hubbard (it has the best food).

5. Go sledding on Hospital Hill. I don’t care how much you hate snow and cold, just go once. The weirder the object you’re sledding on, the better.

6. Explore all parts of campus: visit the quad, Green street, Elm Street, etc. It’ll help you someday.

7. Join clubs. This may be overly obvious, but get out of the house, meet new people, find new sources for procrastination and stress.

8. Picnics: with your house, close friends, whoever. Just go outside, bring your picnic basket, sit, and bask in the glory of sun, food, and procrastination.

9. See a concert: Downtown, at JMG, another college, Boston, wherever. Music is great the low ticket price for students will be totally worth it.

10. Go to a Smith house party: you may like it, you may not, but at least you’ll know.

11. Take an ESS class. Sure they’re not required, but they’re fun and the instructors are great. Plus, kung-fu is a great skill to have in the real world.

12. Do something outdoorsy on Mountain Day. At least one out of four years, Mountain Day will fall on a beautiful, fall day, and when it does, get yourself outside and climb a mountain, pick apples, kayak, anything.

13. Rent a kayak/canoe from the boathouse. Pretty, exercise, go well together. Plus, it’s free and who doesn’t love free?

14. Go to a play, game, orchestra or chorus concert. Something to support your class/housemates. Traditional? Yes. But you’ll enjoy it and they’ll love you forever.

15. Make out in the library.

16. Skinny dip in Paradise Pond (just don’t get caught by PubSafe).

17. Get your yearbook each year. They’re free (well, already paid for) and a great way to remember what went on each year.

18. Stay off Facebook for a month. It’s surprisingly freeing.

19. Have a quiet night with friends: play board games, watch a movie, do something silly.

20. Start something early. I know, it’s such a novel idea.

21. Either attend or observe Conbust. If you’re not into sci-fi/fantasy enough to actually go in, just sit on Seelye Lawn and watch.

22. Divas.

23. Take the PVTA. Somewhere, anywhere, just take your OneCard, get on, and ride.

24. Find the photobooth at Faces and take some crazy pictures with your friends.

25. Go to a huge party at one of the other colleges.

26. Dress like a hipster for a day. Trucker hats are extra points.

27. Get a study carrel and see if it actually compels you to, you know, work. Feel special for having your own nook in the library.

28. Attend a CDO Workshop and freak out about your future.

29. Play board games with all of your housemates. Revel in the Smith community love!

30. Go to the gym and try out a Get Fit Smith class.

31. Sit and do work next to the waterfall. Feel zen.

32. Stay up so late doing work that you fall asleep where you’re studying.

33. Take a bike ride or run down the bike path.

34. Visit Herrell’s and get some ice cream!

35. Buy a Smith College sweatshirt and wear it proudly.

36. Visit a local (off-campus) museum, such as the fabulous Eric Carle Museum on the Hampshire campus.

37. Support a Smith alum and go try some coffee at the Elbow Room on Green Street.  Be careful, it’s so much better than the free stuff you get in the dining halls that you might find yourself going there every day.

38.  Consider getting a nose piercing, just like everyone else on campus.

39. Make a snowman/women/gender-neutral figure on Seelye Lawn.

40. Try a new type of food in downtown NoHo.  Never eaten Indian food?  No more excuses!

41.  Go trick or treating at Carol Christ’s house.  She always has great candy!

42. Show some Smith Spirit! Wear your white, blue and gold and support your fellow Pioneers.  If you don’t know anything about the sport, bring a friend who does and have them explain it to you.  Basketball, ultimate frisbee and rugby are all games even the least athletic will love to watch.

43. Here’s an obvious one: go to Convocation at least once, go crazy.

44. Play bumper cars with the triangle seats at the Campus Center. You’ll look like an idiot but it’ll be tons of fun.

45. Have a musical night. Watch tons and tons of movie musicals and sing along. Don’t even try to pretend you don’t love it.

46. Study “away.” Go to another US college, get an internship, visit another continent, sail across the big blue seas, try to get to an alien planet, whatever.

47. Give yourself a crazy hairdo. Cut all your hair off, dye it an unnatural color, grow it out, do whatever you’ve secretly been dying to do in high school/will probably later regret. As long as it is not a mullet; that decision, I fear, we at the Smith Stalker will not be able to support.

48. Figure out what Twitter is for. And once you do, let us know.

49. Find the award winning bathrooms in the Hillyer. Hint: go downstairs and check both: boys and girls. Just don’t be too much of a creeper.

50. Follow this blog.


51. Stay in Neilson until it closes… will you get kicked out or locked in?  You’ll find out!


  1. Mamma Aviva

    Play “bumper cars” in the campus center with the triangle cushion thingys on wheels. You will look dumb, but it is an excellent waste of time.

  2. Lauren

    What, are you calling Hampshire students weird???

  3. Anissa

    This is awesome.

  4. nopesy

    4. Julia Child Day. Enjoy the food, go to Hubbard (it has the best food).

    you guys are so hubbardites 😉

  5. EF

    Regarding #23, Actually you can only use the PVTA on the bus routes that go to the 5-colleges, not all the routes.

  6. EF

    Regarding #23, Actually you can only use your OneCard for the PVTA bus routes that go to the 5-colleges, not all the routes. For the others you have to pay.

  7. ToriGee

    There are only two wheels on the triangles, and where the third one is supposed to be, there’s a stub :(. No bumper cars.

  8. RE: poles on triangle bumper cars:

    that’s because when they first put them in with wheels on all three corners we spent too much time zooming around the post office on them. within a month (probably) they installed the little pole-things.

    party poopers.

  9. Claire

    Two things:
    1) Arch Sing — a really fun intro to college a cappella (and crapappella, a genre I didn’t know existed until I got to Smith)!
    2) The Botanic Garden! It’s incredible and a really nice oasis especially during the winter time. They even have benches in the tropical rooms, so you can sit under palm trees and read a book while snow piles up outside… Pretty awesome.

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