The Smith Stalker is written by two Smithies with more events on their calendars than they could ever possibly attend. We created this blog because we had a hard time finding all the information we needed in one place on the Smith website. We decided that instead of complaining about the faults, we would do something proactive (and fake productive)! We love Smith College and we wanted to spread our love and have everyone benefit from our brilliant plan (humble, we are not). And thus The Smith Stalker was created.

Our motto is “We stalk, you benefit,” in the non-creepiest way possible. We aim to provide you with procrastination materials, important Smith links, general and not-so-well-known information about our beloved school, and events going on each day.

Where do we get our information?  We use sources including, but not limited to, the Smith College Jolt, the Smith Website, the CDO website, Smith Dining Services, the Smith College Calender, the Smith College eDigest, chalkings around campus and flyers in the campus center.  We don’t make up the information, just report it.

This blog is a new creation, and like all great things will improve over time. In the meantime, if you have any comments, questions, concerns, or events, please email us at

This blog is not affiliated with Smith College and any opinions expressed within are solely those of the writers. No profit is made from the upkeep of this blog. Don’t sue us!


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    […] out our about page for information about our sources, as well as our disclaimer.  Email us at […]

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