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Fastest Growing Blogs!

Fastest Growing Blogs!

Fastest Growing Blogs!

We just found out that The Smith Stalker is the seventh fastest growing blog on WordPress and we wanted to share the good news with everyone! Thanks to everyone who checked out our blog so far and we hope you continue to follow us!

By the way, one of our readers asked if we could add an RSS feed and we did. You can find it here!


First Day Thanks!!

We at The Smith Stalker would just like to thank everyone who visited our site yesterday! We got 994 hits in about four hours! Thanks for all of the support and we hope you continue to use our site (though we’re not expecting numbers this high every day).

Thank you again and feel free to send any comments, questions, or recommendations to


The Smith Stalkers

Guide to the Smith Stalker

Hey, there!  So after much toil and tribulation, the Smith Stalker is up and running.  Here’s a quick guide to everything you can find on this site:


A section of useful lists and ideas for every situation from moving in to everything you need to do before you graduate.  If you have trouble navigating (and who doesnt?) you’ll like our big list of the hours of places around campus.  A great tool to procrastinate!


Blogs and websites about our dear (most of the time) alma mater.


Useful links for navigating Northampton.


Lists of what you’ll need to cram into your dorm, along with places to get all of it.


Websites you’ll probably need to visit at least once a week.


Declaring a major?  About to fail a paper?  Here are the links you need.


I think it says something that this is our biggest group of links.


Where to get where you need to be, whether by plane, taxi, bus or bike.


Because you have to leave eventually.

As always, we at the Smith Stalker appreciate comments and ideas.  Comment here, or email us at !

You ask, “when ever will the Smith Stalker finally begin giving me the oh-so-important event information my life requires?!?”

Well, we finally have an answer for you! Starting Sunday night, October 4, we will begin posting events regularly. We, in order to appease uber-busy and procrastination-hungry Smithies, will post event information each night by 11:59pm for the next day.

Our mission is not to give you a giant list of every single event on campus; no, that’s what the calendar is for. Instead, we will give you our short list of the best uses of your time each day and include lectures, parties, sporting events, etc.

As always, if you have an event you want us to advertise, email us at

Happy Stalking!