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  • Smith is playing Mr. Holyoke in BASKETBALL tomorrow at 7:00 pm.  Support the Pioneers, even if you hate our mascot!


  • Join Hillel and make some delicious latkes in Dawes House in the Kosher Kitchen tomorrow!  It’s all in preparation for the Chanukkah party later this week.  Just get there at 4:15 pm, ready to bake (in the legal way, not the illegal way).  YUM!


  • Head on down to Weinstein Auditorium in Wright to attend the final lecture for “History and Critical Issues of Museums”, the new museums concentration course at Smith.  Starting at 7:30 pm, Mimi Gates, the Director of the Seattle Art Museum, will be speaking about her experiences working in a museum.  Open to the public!

Monday, Monday


  • Haven’t seen Las Meninas yet?  Check it out tonight!  Only $5 for students and $8 for everyone else, this show tells the story of an affair between the princess Marie-Thérèse, wife of Louis XIV, and Nabo Sensugali, an African dwarf.  8:00 pm, Mendenhall.  More information here.
  • Try out for the Vagina Monologues today in the CC Carroll Room from 7:00-9:00pm.  More information here.


  • Starting today, the Smith Freethinkers are showing a Doubt Week clothesline display along Chapin Lawn.  Check it out!

Also, here’s a link to apologize for being late:


Whoops — sorry we didn’t post for Saturday and we’re late for Sunday — it’s been a crazy weekend for both of us.

Christmas Vespers

The Smith College Chorus, Glee Club, Chamber Singers, Handbell Choir, and Orchestra will perform at this year’s Christmas Vespers led by the college chapains. Vespers tells the story of Advent and Christmas through hymns, anthems, prayers, and scripture readings and will be held in JMG at 4 pm and 7:30 pm. Free!

WOZQ Tag Sale

WOZQ is hosting a tag sale that promises everything from clothes to records. It’s in Davis Ballroom from 10 am to 6 pm.


So I totally spaced about my post (sorry! I hope this isn’t becoming a trend).


Boost your immunity against the oink by getting a shot or nasal spray vaccine from health services in the CC Carroll Room today. You need an appointment to get the shot. To sign up, click here.


Accessories make the outfit, and to make your own headbands go to this Smith To Do in CC 103/104 from 9 to 11 pm to use sparklies, ribbons, and feathers to make beautiful headbands.

Jazz/Wind Ensembles Fall Concert

The jazz and wind ensembles are performing at their annual fall concert tonight at 7:30 pm in Sweeney Concert Hall. It’s FREE.

Las Meninas

See this hilarious comedy in 16th century France with kings, queens, and dwarfs. It’s open the Dec. 3-5 and 9-12 at 8pm in Hallie Flannagan Studio Theatre in Mendenhall Center for Performing Arts. Tickets are $5 for Smith students and $8 for the general public. Get there early because seating is general admission.


So, last night I had a whole conversation with my partner about this blog… then I went to sleep, totally forgetting to post.  Sorry!  In my defense, I had gotten about four hours of sleep the night before, leaving my short term memory shot.  Anywho, here’s what’s going on today:


  • No classes Friday?  Looking for an off-campus break?  Look no further than Smith College Bowling Night!  Hosted by the REC Council, it’s free for smith students and $5 for guests.  Catch one of the shuttle buses, starting at 9:15 pm, or just head down to the Spare Time Northampton Bowling Center by 9:30 pm.  More information here.


  • Head on down to the Goldstein Lounge of the CC and listen to Lucy Wainwright Roche tonight from 10:00 to 11:00 pm!  Not sure if you want to go?  Get a taste of her music at her myspace page.  More information about the event here.


  • Check out this workshop, entitled “Fucking With Gender: An interactive workshop on gender expression, identities, labels, transcending the mutually exclusive binaries, queer culture, and hot sweaty sex.”  Damn, you got our attention.  It’s hosted by guest speaker Sinclair Sexsmith (whose blog can be found here, but it’s pretty NSFW, so don’t check it in the middle of your bio lecture). Sinclair will be speaking in the Resource Center For Sexuality and Gender at 8:00 pm.  More information here.


  • The Smith College Museum of Art and Sazanami are hosting a Celebration of Japanese Culture today in the museum as part of the Touch Fire exhibit currently being shown.  Take some time to appreciate the art and make some of your own, in the form of origami and calligraphy.  Most importantly, however:  free sushi!  It’s going on from 4:30 to 6:00 pm.  More information here.


  • Join Smith’s Global Action Against Poverty (GAAPE) and drink some fair trade coffee at the December Human Rights Coffeehouse.  Roya Mohammadi, a Smith student from Afghanistan, and Amherst’s Marigold Fund will be speaking about education for girls in Afghanistan.  More information here.


  • Tonight is the opening night for Las Meninas!  This production runs from 8:00 to 10:00 pm in the Mendenhall Center for the Performing Arts.  More information (and a summary of the show) here.

Also for Wednesday

The Future of Catholic Life at Smith Forum is at 7:00 pm in the Bodman Lounge.


Fireside Chat

Join President Christ, Dean Mahoney, Dean Walters, Dean Ohotnicky, and Provost Schuster in the annual Fireside Chat. This year’s topic is Gender Diversity and Smith, basically how queer and gender-variant students fit in with Smith’s mission as a women’s college and what they contribute to Smith’s diversity. Go to the Goldstein Lounge (the red room of the campus center) at 7pm to join in this discussion.

That’s (pretty much) all folks!

Welcome back, everyone!

As you can tell from the lack of a post, we smith stalkers decided to extend our break by one day.  Now we’re back and ready to go!  Well, more or less.  Here’s what you can do this Tuesday:

Telling Love’s Story: AIDS Memorial

  • Tomorrow is World AIDS Day, so take some time to attend this lecture and spread awareness.  It begins at 7:00 pm in the Carroll Room to learn about living with AIDS and ends at 9:00 pm with a candle ceremony and the creation of quilts.  

Climbing Wall

  • Need to relax before finals?  Run down to Ainsworth Gym and check out the climbing wall!  There will be a clinic from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm to teach you how to do it.


  • From 12:30 to 1:00 in Sweeney Concert Hall, catch Music in the Noon Hour!  They will be playing Brahms Piano Trio No. 2 in C Major, Opus 87.

What’s going on?

Nothing.  Actually, we can’t access the smith site or novell webaccess, soooo we can’t look for events even if there is anything.  Therefore, we at the smith stalker are giving ourselves an early thanksgiving break from posting events.  Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!


2 days till break!

Perhaps because break is so soon and everyone wants time off, there aren’t many events to help you procrastinate. In fact, there is one.


Caroline Bruzelius, Cogan Professor of Art History, Duke University, will be lecturing in Hillyer/Graham Hall at 4:30 p.m about “The Dead Come to Town: Preaching, Burying and Building in the Medieval Italian City.”