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Sorry, it’s a pretty slow Saturday. If you know of any other events, email us at


Smith Fencing (Hell’s Bells) is hosting The Big One (a fencing tournament). Tons of other schools will be there. Head over to the ITT from 9 am – 5 pm to support Smithies or visit friends from other schools. Women will be fencing in the morning and men in the afternoon.


Want free, pretty things? Go to CCAB’s mug painting from 9-11 pm in CC 103/1o4.


Want to party? Go to Gardiner’s Fetish party from 10-1 am, in Gardiner House.


First, I apologize for failing you; I am 8 minutes late in posting. My only excuse is that I’m too addicted to procrastination. To make up for my lateness, I will post fun/silly/cute videos/links soon. Forgive us!


Want to get into the Halloween spirit? If you don’t have a ticket to Hampshire Halloween or you just want to kick back and relax after a crazy week, go to CC 103/104 from 9-11 pm to paint some pumpkins and get some free candy.

Van Certification

I know the last thing you want to do on a Friday afternoon (especially the Friday before Halloween) is go to a defensive driving session, but if you’ve already gone to the initial van certification session, you might as well go. It’s only one hour, so it’s like a band-aid, just go and the pain will be over before you know it. It’s from 3-4 pm in Stoddard Auditorium and is the last one this semester. Be sure to get there on time, if you do go.


If you’re looking to have some political fun at a party (Democrat, Republican, or otherwise affiliated are welcome), go to the Smith Dems Halloween Party, themed “Sarah Palin’s Thanksgiving Dinner.” It’s from 7-9 pm in Davis Ballroom and is free. Wear your costume!

Design Panel

Learn about design and design-based careers at this alumnae panel and networking reception to follow. The panelists specialize in architecture, landscape design, interiors, graphic/interactive design, product design, and industrial design. At noon in Hillyer 106, the panelists will present their portfolios (with pizza provided) and the panel will be at 4 pm in Graham Hall.

Starting this Tuesday at 10:30 pm and ending at 2:00 am, DJs Blanche Devereaux and the Cut Up Kid will be in NoHo for STAY GOLDEN at the Elevens (140 Pleasant St).

Go for awesome beats and crazy dancing!  We’ll have to study but we’ll wish we were there.

ALSO: You need to be 21 or older to go to the Elevens (sorry youngsters)

More information at their facebook events page and their myspace page .  Check out their videos at least!

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