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Language Tables

Taking a language at Smith?  Check out our new list of Language Tables around campus.  Whether you’re a confused first-year or a Senior who wishes she were back in Barcelona, it’s a great chance to practice a language every week!


Finally, our first events post. Each day there will be various amounts of events posted, depending on what’s going on on campus each day. If you have any event you want advertised, email us at

Here are some of the top events for the day…Sorry the events are not that exciting. I was lacking inspiration for the day. We only announce the events, not create them.

Multicultural: The Anti-Columbus Time Line. An eight poster display on Chapin Lawn sponsored by Nosotras and Indigenous Smith Students and Allies (ISSA) about why we should not celebrate Columbus Day. The timeline starts with Columbus and continues more towards modern day highlighting Native American culture and research. This exhibit will be up all week and looks fascinating. Take an extra five minutes on the way to grab-and-go or checking your mail and check this out.

After Smith: Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. Learn about graduate programs available in the environmental sciences and the Yale program. Reccommended for anyone in the sciences with an environmental bent or people who just want to know more about the grad school programs available to them. This will be in Bass 102 at 12:15pm and lunch will be served.

Language: American Sign Language Table. Are you always hearing about people who want to learn sign language? If you’re one of the people who just has to learn sign language or you speak sign language yourself, go to this table to practice your existing skills or learn more. Duckett Dining Room, 5:30-7:00 pm: be there.

Politics: Lecture on the Obama Administration and U.S.-Japan Relations: Continuity and Change. Lecture is by Dr. William Brooks who was in the U.S. Department of the State until September. He will be talking about how Obama should transition relations with the U.S. and Japan. For anyone politically minded or interested in East Asian politics and culture, this is the lecture for you. Seelye 106, 7:00pm-9:00pm.