The bells are ringing, a warm(ish) breeze is in the air and everyone in your house is screaming at 7am in the morn.  You know what that means: Carol has finally announced MOUNTAIN DAY!  So, what do you plan on doing on this most fortuitous of days?  Well, yeah, sleep more, but what ELSE do you plan on doing today?  Here’s a list of fifteen things you could be doing on Mountain Day.

1.    Go kayaking on Paradise Pond.  It’s almost too cold, but again, IT’S MOUNTAIN DAY (sorry)!  The boathouse is open from 1-5pm- bring your ID and you can sign out a canoe or a kayak for free!  It’s one of the best deals on campus.
2.    Go on a picnic!  Make a bag lunch at your usual dining location from 10:30 am to 1:00 pm, or head into town and get something a little more fancy.  Chapin lawn and the grassy knoll next to the waterfall are choice locations for any outdoor eating scenario.
3.    Chalk around campus!  Inspirational quotes, love letters, poetry, random in-jokes with your friends- whatever.  Just make it look pretty outside for everyone walking around.  Remember to initial!
4.    Roll down the hill next to Paradise Pond or Hospital Hill.  Race with your friends.
5.    Hang out in town.  Get $1 off your ice cream at Herrell’s!  Just bring your ID.
6.    Walk around campus and take pretty pictures.  Paradise Pond, buildings in the Quad and autumnal leaves are all beautiful subjects.
7.    Go for a long bike ride.
8.    Visit Childs Park or Look Park. (This one goes well with #3 and #8)
9.    Call your friends at other colleges.  Laugh manically.
10.    Sunbathe, if possible.  This is one of your last chances to get enough vitamin D for the day!
11.    Have impromptu dance parties in your living room.
12.    Try to complete at least one thing from our list of 50 things you need to do before you graduate
13.    Sit down with a trashy romance/sci-fi novel… read without thinking for once!
14.    Going apple picking and/or climbing a mountain.  Be traditional!  Despite our efforts we have no clue where/when to catch a bus doing either of these things (we even called the Smith info line) so find a housemate with a car and go wild!
15.    Go to Forbes Library or Pleasant Street Video and get out a bunch of movies you haven’t seen, then have a marathon with your friends!


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    […] all the free time you suddenly gained at 7 am this morning, you should check out our new list of 15 things you could be doing on Mountain Day.  It would be longer but we want to go out and have some fun… happy mountain […]

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