That’s a lie.  You could always bum around your house and stalk people on facebook.  Or, you know, do homework. For times when you’re really bored, here’s a list of things to do and you never even have to leave the campus.  Updated whenever we think of something new!

1. Grab a couple of friends and play a board game in the red room of the campus center.

2. Check out the free boxes in the Quad houses.  Rumor has it that they’re full of awesome.

3. Find a part of campus you’ve never really explored and check it out.  Math major?  Check out the books in Hillyer.  Never touched a sheet of music in your life?  Go for a walk around Sage.  Find out where the most graffiti is in Neilson.  You never know what’ll happen!

4. Go rent a canoe/kayak and go for an adventure on paradise pond.  If it’s warm enough to swim, find the rope swing and go crazy!

5. Go to the gym.  Yeah, whine, we know you don’t want to go to the gym.  Still, it’s a great way to justify watching some TV instead of doing your homework (not that you need a reason).

6. Buy some art supplies at the bookshop or the store in Hillyer.  Pick a medium you don’t usually use and experiment.  Remember, the only you (and, possibly, your roomate) will ever have to see it.

7.  Card games.  Check out this link for ideas:

8. Play a game on Chapin lawn.  Suggestions: Red Rover, Tag, Winkum, Ultimate Frisbee, Wheel Barrel Races, Kickball, Soccer, Duck Duck Goose, Red Light Green Light, Mother May I, Capture the Flag, Kick the Can

9. Rearrange the furniture in your room.  Get your roomie’s permission if necessary.

10. Write a letter to friends abroad.  Include pictures, photos, stickers, glitter, whatever.  They’ll love it and you might get one back.

11. Cut out pictures from old magazines and hang them on your wall.  Your dorm will look better in no time!

12. Spend an afternoon in the museum with your friends.  Make sure you check out the bathrooms… they’re beautiful!

13. Walk around the Alumnae Gym and look at the archives.  Check out Sylvia Plath’s compositions, hold the Oscar and revel in the women’s history.

14. Check your mail.  Again.

15. Try a ‘Get Fit Smith’ Class.  If you hate it, you never have to go again!  Here’s the schedule:

16. Grab a pair of scissors, sharpies and fabric paint and go crazy on an old t-shirt.

17. Chalk random messages around campus.  Love letters, notes to old friends, on the spot haikus.  Remember to initial!

18. Rent a projector screen for your house, pop some popcorn and watch an action flick that’s too awesome to be seen on a tiny TV screen.  Cheesy horror movies are also fun.

19. Research study abroad options.  Dream about running away to Mongolia or Morocco.  Figure out what exactly you’d have to do to go there.

20. Eat somewhere on campus you’ve never eaten before.  Laziness is no excuse!

21.  Try climbing the rock wall in the gym during their open hours.  Feel accomplished if you reach the top.

22. Go to Forbes or Neilson and get a book to read for fun.  Remember that?  Reading for fun?  (Also, we know Forbes isn’t *technically* part of campus, but it might as well be)

23. Learn swears in other languages. Practice.

24. Hampshire Mall trip! You’ll waste copious amounts of time waiting for the PVTA, getting on the PVTA, riding the PVTA. Shop. Repeat.

25. Read all the lists on this blog!


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