Are you a first year or sophomore with no idea what to major in? Or do you know exactly what you want to major in, but you really want to meet the department and go over the curriculum? Well, then you should go to the presentations of the majors and minors. We recommend going to all of the presentations you’re even remotely interested in, and if you end up not liking it, there is often free food served.

We’re putting a list up here by day and time rather than alphabetically. If you want to find a specific major, just press command + f on macs and control + f on PCs. Also, if the department only offers a minor, it will say so next to the department name.

If you know of any other Major/Minor presentations, email us at Each day a presentation is occurring, we’ll post a link to this page on our events post for the day.

Monday, October 19

  • Afro-American Studies: 12:00-1:30 pm, CC 103/104
  • East Asian Language & Literature: 4:00-6:30 pm, Seelye 207

Tuesday, October 20

  • Environmental Science & Policy (Minor): 12-1 pm, Bass Hall 102, lunch provided
  • Comparative Literature: 5-6 pm, Seelye 207, refreshments provided

Wednesday, October 21

  • Religion: 11:30-2 pm, Dewey Hall Common Room
  • Middle East Studies: 12-1 pm, Seelye 207
  • African Studies (Minor): 12-1 pm, Wright 201

Thursday, October 22

  • Logic (minor): 12-1 pm, Philosophy Study in Dewey

Friday, October 23

  • Biology: 11:30-1:30 pm, McConnell Foyer

Monday, October 26

  • Jewish Studies: 12-1:30 pm, Seelye 201, lunch provided
  • Physics: 12:15-1 pm, McConnell 103
  • Spanish & Portuguese & Latin American Studies: 4-6 pm, Seelye 207, refreshments served
  • Ancient Studies (minor): 5 pm, Dewey Hall Philosophy Lounge, pizza and beverages provided

Tuesday, October 27

  • American Studies: 12-1 pm, Seelye 207
  • Psychology (includes Research Fair): 4-6 pm, McConnell 103 & Foyer
  • Government: 4:30-6 pm, Seelye 201
  • Education and Child Study Major/Minor: 5-6 p.m., Smith College Campus School library.

Wednesday, October 28

  • Medieval Studies: 12-1 pm, Dewey Common Room
  • Sociology: 12-1 pm, Seelye 207
  • Chemistry: 12:15-1 pm, McConnell 103
  • Anthropology: 4:30-6 pm, Seelye 207

Thursday, October 29

  • Film Studies: 11:30-1:15 pm, Seelye 207
  • Art (includes Art History, Studio Art, & Architecture): 12-1 pm, Hillyer Jannotta Gallery — food will be provided
  • Computer Science: 12-1 pm, McConnell 103
  • Neuroscience: 12 – 1 pm, McConnell B15
  • English: 4-5:15 pm, CC 205
  • Economics: 4-6 pm, Seelye 207 — refreshments will be offered
  • Music: 5-7 pm, Sage Hall Green Room

Monday, November 2

  • History: 4:30-6 pm, Dewey Common Room
  • Dance: 5-6 pm, Scott Gym Dance Studio

Tuesday, November 3

  • Classics: 12-1 pm, CC 102, light lunch provided
  • Math: 12-1 pm, Math Forum, Burton 3rd floor, lunch provided
  • German: 6 pm, Hatfield 204, pizza served

Wednesday, November 4

  • Italian: 4:15 pm in Hatfield 105; no mention of food 😦
  • Archaeology Minor: 12:15 pm in Hillyer Hall 103; Pizza and beverages served!

Thursday, November 5

  • Study of Women & Gender: 12 pm, Seelye 207 (lunch)
  • Third World Development Studies (Program): 12 -1 pm, Seelye 1o1 (pizza and drinks)
  • Theatre: 4 pm, Green Room, Mendenhall Performing Arts Center (snacks provided)
  • East Asian Studies: 4:15-6 pm, Seelye 207 (really good refreshments will be served)

  1. Elizabeth

    Presentation of the Math Major is Tuesday, Nov. 3rd at noon in the math forum (Burton 3rd floor)! 🙂 Oh, and lunch is provided…

  2. Marya

    The presentation of the Theatre Major is Thursday, November 5th at 4:00 in the Green Room in Mendenhall. Free food, and a presentation by Linda McInerney about the Interterm project: ZEN AND THE ART OF CREATIVE COLLABORATION IN NEW OPERA ABOUT SOJOURNER TRUTH. It should be a good time.

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