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Choices are somewhat limited tonight so I’m going with Appetizer Night at, well, almost everywhere (aka Chase/Duckett, Cushing/Emerson, Cutter/Ziskind, King/Scales, Lamont, and Tyler). This consists of stuffed mushrooms, buffalo wings, cocktail meatballs, soft-baked pretzals, and mint chocolate chip ice cream with fudge sauce.



Tonight, the Cutter-Ziskind Kosher line looks the best with knishes, vegetarian chili, baked potatoes, and applesauce cake.


Comstock/Wilder has noodle bowl! It will be excellent! Also, brownies for dessert. Be there, or have less superior food.

Also, Hubbard and Cutter/Ziskind have have “New England Boiled Dinner” which looks pretty good, though not very New England-y.


Tyler is having a hot dog bar complete with condiments, baked beans, (hot dogs), and chocolate mousse.


First off: Julia Child Day was a WIN! The Sin Cake from the French side was delicious! I wish everyday were Julia Child Day.

Anyway, as hard as it is to compare meals right after Julia Child Day, our top pick is…drumroll please…Tyler! Really, I’m just a sucker for London Broil and guess what they’re serving (that would be london broil, baked potatoes, and ice cream novalties).


ONE DAY TILL JULIA CHILD DAY: Get your taste buds ready!

Today we nominate Hubbard! Hubbard is having whole wheat penne (get your complex carbs), fettucini, turkey meatballs, pea pods, garlic pita triangles, and almond cookies. Shall be good, but I’m hoping dining services has been saving culinary skill to wow us at Julia Child Day tomorrow.


COUNTDOWN TO JULIA CHILD DAY: 3 DAYS (not counting today)

Today, Comstock/Wilder has Korean night with barbequed pork and tofu, dumplings, sticky rice, and tapioca.


Tonight we have decided that Chase/Duckett, Cutter/Ziskind, and King/Scales have the best dinner. Mozzarella sticks. Come on, you know it’s hard to beat that. There’s also Caesar Salad, meatball grinders, and peanut butter squares.

Om noms

So, here’s the story: tonight, there is macaroni and cheese and FOOT-LONG HOT DOGS. They win, obviously. Go to Chapin or Morrow/Wilson for this deliciously oversized dinner. I really hope they follow through with the foot-long part of the hot dogs, otherwise, I will be severely disappointed. There’s also baked beans (which go very well with hot dogs) and rice crispie treats (which either go well with nothing or with everything).

Foods (in November!)

As you might be able to tell, I canNOT believe it’s November.

For food tonight, I think Cushing/Emerson & Lamont have the best meals. It’s a little hodgepodge, mixing Italian with Asian, but the hot & sour soup, garlic shrimp with lo mein, and breadsticks should be good. Plus, they have sugar cookies (not that we need more sweets after last night).